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  • What competitive advantages do palletizing robots have over humans?

    1. Not picky about the environment, strong application to the environment
    2.The operation time is long and can be discontinuous operation.
    3.Reduce defective products, high yield.
  • How do industrial palletizing robots work?

    The palletizing robot operates the fixture directly above the material positioning through the coordination of each axis. When the material positioning signal is sent, the fixture moves downward through the motor control movement, reaches the height of the fixture holding the material, stops falling, and the end fixture opens to pick up the material. Then, after the motor is reversed and the fixture is raised to a safe height, the material is sent above the palletizing position through the customer's preset procedure, and the fixture is opened to code the material into the specified position. Through repeated actions, the palletizing robot automatically stacks products in bags, boxes or other packaging shapes delivered by the conveyor in accordance with the working mode required by the customer's process. Generally can be stacked multiple layers, when the buzzer alarm, remind that the palletizing has been completed, and then exit, easy to transport the forklift to the warehouse storage.
  • What is the difference between robot palletizing and unpalletizing?

    The difference between robotic palletizing and unpalletizing is that they perform different tasks. Palletizing is to place objects securely together, and unpalletizing is to unpack the objects that were originally stacked. Both of these functions increase productivity and reduce labor input, while also reducing operational risks and damage rates.

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