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Column Robot

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Equipment characteristics

Robot control system is used to achieve point-to-point linear interpolation, which can make the motion smooth and smooth! The teaching device controls the movement of industrial robots through keying and display functions, which enables the operator to smoothly realize the teaching control of the motion of the positioner, and the stack type can be stored in advance and can be flexibly operated later. When working, it can complete the palletizing of the material bag products according to the required grouping mode and the number of layers.

Movement instructions

The packed material is sent to the designated area of palletizing by conveyor for positioning. The column robot works with each axis to move the fixture directly above the material positioning. When the material positioning signal is sent, the fixture is controlled downward by servo motor (Z-axis downward movement). When the grip material height is reached, the Z-axis stops falling, the grip is opened, the grip material is picked up, the Z-axis servo motor is reversed, the grip is raised to a safe height, and the material is delivered to the top of the palletizing position through the customer's preset program. The Z axis is lowered to make the material reach the placing point, at this time the fixture is opened, the material is coded into the specified position, repeat the above action, after the complete pallet palletizing, the buzzer alarm to remind that the palletizing has been completed. The forklift will move the pallets away, put the new pallets into the pallet, and re-reciprocate the action.

SCOPE of application

The equipment is widely adapted to the feed, chemical, beverage, food, beer, plastic, refractory and other production enterprises on cartons, bags, cans, boxes, bottles and other shapes of finished products for packing and palletizing needs.

Equipment Type:TYLZ

Degree of Freedom:4

Maximum Load:100kg

Maximum Radius of Motion:1950mm

Repeated Positioning Accuracy:±0.3mm

s-axis Range of Motion:±180°

z-axis Range of Motion:1800mm

r-axis Range of Motion:±180°

t-axis Range of Motion:±360°

Actual Body Weight:1508Kg


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Product Category

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