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Coordinate Robot Stacker
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Coordinate Robot Stacker

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Product application

The machine body is made of high quality carbon steel material, the overall appearance is generous. No exposed sharp Angle, high safety, by Tengyang independent research and development, can effectively control the quality and reduce the production cost, suitable for corrugated paper, plastic box, bucket packaging and bag packaging.

Product characteristics

1. all Chinese man-machine interface touch screen control;

2. fault self-detection function, alarm indication when abnormal action occurs, control panel indicates abnormal points;

3. the machine structure is compact, occupy small space;

4. high speed, stable, using imported servo positioning system, faster, more space saving;

5. the body is made of high quality carbon steel and material, the overall appearance is generous.

6.  can be preset multiple sets of palletizing program a multi-purpose machine, rapid adjustment, do not need to replace the palletizing products and worry;

7.  can be equipped with assembly line use, to achieve unmanned production.

Product Model:TY-ZBMD

Equipment Power:5.5KW

Applicable Product:Bags, boxes, blocks, cardboard and boards, etc

Power Supply:3*AC380+N

Palletizing Height:1600mm(other sizes can be customized)

Air Source:0.4-0.6Mpa

Palletizing Efficiency:400 times/hour

Machine Weight:1200KG


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Product Category

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