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Mobile Palletizing Workstation
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Mobile Palletizing Workstation

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Widely used in food, medicine, 3C, daily chemical, e-commerce and other industries;

Security and stability

Industrial grade force sensor with high reliability and safety;Support 10 level collision detection and sensor safety detection;Provide 16 safety 1/0 interface, the occurrence of a single fault will not lose the safety function;

Flexible deployment

Integrated design, light and flexible, small footprint;

Workstation deployment new task setting is simple and fast, high efficiency;

Simple programming

Visual programming is simple and efficient, and ordinary employees can easily manipulate robots without being proficient in programming languages.

Half an hour to master the programming method, 1 hour to complete simple programming.

Flexible production

Multiple functional scenarios can be switched quickly, and flexible production can be achieved by man-machine collaboration, dual-machine collaboration, multi-machine collaboration, etc.

Economy Practical

It takes an average of 6-12 months to recover the investment cost.


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Product Category

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