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High Speed Carton Stacking Robot
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High Speed Carton Stacking Robot

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1. Hold the cardboard through the sliding splint and complete the handling and palletizing of the packing box with the unilateral hook.

2. The gripper design avoids the drop damage caused by the excessively fast running speed of the carton and improves the palletizing efficiency.

3. The size of the gripper can be adjusted to a reasonable extent according to the external size of the packaging box.

4. The cardboard palletizer robot is to place the cardboard on the pallet (forklift plate) according to the arrangement code for automatic stacking, which can be stacked with multiple layers and then pushed out to facilitate forklift transport to the warehouse for storage.

5. The equipment adopts intelligent operati on and management, which is simple and easy to master. Can reduce labor and reduce labor intensity, suitable for various sizes of boxes, cardboard and other box shape material palletizing handling.

Maximum Size:1450MM (W) *1200MM (L)1450mm (w) * 1200mm (L)

Minimum Size:350MM (W) *290MM (L)350mm (w) * 290mm (L)

Maximum Clamping Height:400MM

Minimum Clip Height:60MM

Maximum Clamping Weight:30Kg

Maximum Partition Size:1300MM*1300MM

Maximum Stack Height (without pallets):1800MM

Maximum Palletizing Speed:16 cycles /MIN (SL500mm)

Maximum Pallet Size:1500MM*1500MM

Minimum Pallet Size:1000MM*1200MM

Cardboard Conveying Line Speed:30M/MIN

Power Demand:380V/AV/50Hz/75A

Air Demand:0.6MPa


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Product Category

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