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Full Automatic Drum Type Unpacking Machine
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Full Automatic Drum Type Unpacking Machine

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The drum type automatic unloader automatically feeds the bag through the belt machine, breaks the bag with the cutter device, separates the bag material and discharges the material by the drum screen, and the material falls into the storage bucket by gravity to complete the discharges and discharges. Waste bag through the waste bag collection device, automatically complete the waste bag compression, waste bag collection and bagging work. The advantages of the automatic unpacking equipment are: complete closure, high application, high emptying rate, safety, easy to use/easy to maintain.

Automatic unpacking machine is suitable for ordinary materials, but also suitable for flammable and strong corrosion, high dust and personnel are not easy to contact the occasion, and applied to food, chemical and other production fields, can be the material bag (dry powder, granular material, powder mixture, sheet material, etc.) automatic unpacking and unloading operation.

Device Name:Drum breaker

Breaking Speed:300-600 bags/hour

Dust Removal Efficiency:99.50%

Belt Conveyor Motor Power:0.75Kw

Top Cutter Power:3Kw

Bottom Cutter Power:3Kw

Roller Sieve Motor Power:1.5Kw

Bag Dust Removal Power:3Kw

Screw Conveyor Power:1.5Kw

Dust Removal Method:Cloth bag

Supply Power:3*AC380V (three-phase 5-wire) frequency 50Hz

Gas Supply Pressure:≥0.6Mpa

Working Condition:Humidity <80% Temperature -20℃-+40℃


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