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High Stacker

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Product application

High palletizing machine, as modern industrial production needs to improve in all aspects of production capacity, cost control, so promote the rapid development of production and packaging automation, high palletizing machine came into being, equipment for packaging scale behind the packaging and shipping, palletizing machine can be configured before the sealing machine, packing (bag) machine, automatic baling machine and other equipment to meet the production and packaging needs The emergence of palletizing machine, improve the production capacity of enterprises, reduce the cost, in the production and palletizing has an irreplaceable role.

How it works

The qualified packaging bags are sent to the levelling machine through the slope conveyor to make the bag shape smooth. The bags arrive at the grasping roller table. After the manipulator detects the bags on the grasping roller table, it grabs the bags for turning and stacking, and the bags are placed according to the set running track to complete the palletizing process.

SCOPE of application

Widely used in fertilizer, oil meal, feed, rice, flour, starch, salt, medicine, beverage, daily chemical, food and other production enterprises finished warehouse bags and other objects palletizing.

Model Number:TYGW-500

Palletizing Speed:500 bags/hour

Main Engine Size:L3200mm×W2200mm×H3000mm

Equipment Power:7.5KW

Supply Power:3*AC380+N

Palletizing Height:600-1600mm

Number of Palletizing Layers:Floors 1-10

Palletizing Station:3-12 (Number of bags per layer)

Gas Supply Pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa

Equipment Weight:300Kg


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Product Category

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