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Robot Unpacking Machine
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Robot Unpacking Machine

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Automatic packing machine feeding system is suitable for plastic, fertilizer, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other bags of powder, granule.

Product Advantages:

1. The system uses intelligent 3D vision camera to take photos of material stacks, and uses laser point cloud to collect data and process.

2. Through the self-developed software system, the collected data is analyzed and processed and transmitted to the robot, so as to guide the robot to accurately position and capture.

3. The system can realize the unpacking and feeding of multiple stacks and feeding ports by selecting accessories, adding robot ground track and camera track.

Model Number:Robot unpacking station

Stripping Speed:200-300 bags/hour

Equipment Power:14Kw

Supply Power:3*AC380V (Three-phase 5-wire)

Stripping Height:≤1800mm

Number of Unstacked Layers:8-10 floors

Palletizing Station:Single, double, multi-station (ground rail mode)

Gas Supply Pressure:≥0.6Mpa

Visual Type:3D

Equipment Weight:2400Kg


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Product Category

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